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October 23th - 28th, 4-7 PM EST

Learn how to go from zero to full-time investor in 5 days.
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Join hundreds of students who have had their lives transformed by landing their first real estate deal in less than 30 days.


Unleash the Power of Action-Packed Deal Making

Discover the best way to do deals without worrying about the market changes, crazy competition, costly deal-finding efforts, or the constant hunt for the next opportunity.

Witness Deals from Start to Finish: Experience 5 action-packed days where you'll get an insider's view of how deals unfold, right from the beginning all the way to a successful closing.

Learn from the Best: Hear and observe precisely what our expert team does to get deals done, giving you valuable insights and strategies for you to apply to your own business.

Earn Cash and Exciting Prizes: Participate actively throughout the challenge and have the chance to earn cash rewards and other amazing prizes along the way including a NEW HOUSE!

Engage in LIVE Competitions: Take part in thrilling LIVE competitions that will test your deal-making skills and put you on the path to success.

Plus, So Much More: This is just the tip of the iceberg! Prepare for a transformative experience with plenty of surprises and valuable knowledge nuggets to supercharge your real estate journey.

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Jorge & Matias

“Me and my partner Matias had no prior experience in Real Estate before joining the program. With the support from the team, we now have 4 deals we are working on and an AirBnB within the first 30 days. Matt even closed the deal for us. The support has been awesome."
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We Will Show You the Best Way to Setup Your Business

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High-Quality Leads without the High Costs

We show you how to eliminate the need for paid lead generation while multiplying your flow of high-quality prospects.

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Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

The No Fluff Challenge is designed to show you the exact things you need to focus on daily to drive results and revenue.

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Community First

Join hundreds of other investors participating in the challenge to upgrade your network. No more going at it alone!

And did we mention it's totally free?
“I was paying thousands of dollars per month in leads that weren’t converting into deals. After implementing this system with Matt and his team I have done 5 deals in the last 30 days with another 8 in the pipeline.”
- Keith
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All the Resources You'll Need to Succeed in Real Estate

"Since working with Matt’s team my business has a clear direction, I am getting multiple offers out daily, and many of those are converting to deals."

- Tiago
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Deal Generating Script

Master the art of selling with our powerful sales script to boost your conversions.

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Letters of Intent

Gain an edge in negotiations with professionally crafted Letters of Intent.

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Deal Recording Library

Gain access to our library of negotiation calls where you can listen and implement our exact strategies for closing deals.

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Seal the deal confidently using our attorney-designed and easily executable contract templates.

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